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The CREO Complex in The Surge is a company who is trying to reverse the globally catastrophic effects of runaway climate change, and the location is set after some sort of disaster has occurred in CREO's primary facilities.

Description[edit | edit source]

CREO’s complex is huge and filled with secrets, intrigue, and threats warped by a catastrophic event. Although many of its inhabitants were not originally designed for Combat, each area houses dangerous Combatants that once worked in these environments. Armed with lethal industrial Equipment, you must risk everything to explore, loot, and Craft to survive. Explore vast mechanical areas, delve into toxic underground passages, and climb to the sleek executive levels to discover exactly what happened at CREO through audio messages, dialogues from Survivors, and environmental storytelling.

At CREO, you will meet survivors who need help or who can offer assistance. Accepting Missions can yield extra rewards, but you will have to balance that against your desire to go deeper into the complex, as the stakes grow ever higher – once dropped, your Tech Scrap will diminish over time.

Important People[edit | edit source]