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Combat in The Surge. Defeat Enemies to collect Tech Scrap. The Scrap you collect depends on your multiplier. Increase your multiplier by defeating Enemies and Bosses.

Description[edit | edit source]

Combat is challenging and unforgiving. You’ll need to carefully study your Enemies, rather than blindly rushing and wildly swinging your Weapon without focus. Study their attack patterns and weaknesses, then strike hard and fast – even the weakest of enemies can be deadly!

Thanks to the dynamic targeting system, you can aim at your opponents’ specific limbs to dismember them, in order to Loot or Craft the attached equipment. Go for the easy kill by hitting unarmored limbs, or attempt to claim a piece of equipment from the enemy by targeting a specific area. Balancing your need to survive against your desire for new equipment is key to moving through the CREO Complex.