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The Crafting in The Surge.

Description[edit | edit source]

Explore CREO’s many varied environments, both inside and out, and use your Implants to target specific Enemy ligaments to gain crafting resources (such as Tech Scrap). Use these to improve your equipment, upgrading your Weapons and Armor throughout CREO’s scattered safe-rooms. Specialize to meet your needs - from heavy armor attached to your Exo-Rig to staves, axes, and heavy-lifting equipment, use CREO’s cutting-edge industrial technology against the threats that lay ahead. Crafting materials are widespread at CREO, but accessing them is dangerous... and necessary!

Details[edit | edit source]

In order to begin crafting, you'll need to firstly collect a Schematic, then you'll need to have the correct amount of Icon Tech Scrap Large.png Tech Scrap. Lastly you'll need to collect Components for each of the items you wish to craft. Once you've acquired the Schematic, the piece of gear can then be crafted at the Gear Assembly in the Ops center using Tech Scrap and bodypart-specific Components, which are acquired by performing finishing moves on foes. In the base game, Gear starts out "Markless" and can be upgraded up to Mk. VI by using more Tech Scrap and appropriate crafting materials. In New Game+ you can upgrade equipment to Mk. X, in NG++ to Mk. XV, and in NG+3 you can take equipment all the way to its maximum efficacy at Mk. XX.

Schematics[edit | edit source]

Image Schematics.png
Before you can craft a new piece of Gear, you first must learn its Schematic. Luckily for you, our hero Warren is a clever guy, and can figure out how most gear works if he gets a chance to take a close look at it. Unfortunately, the majority of your new coworkers are murderously unfriendly, and don't seem to have much interest in helping you out. You'll need to take matters into your own hands, and learn new Gear Crafting schematics by chopping body parts off of your Enemies.
Specifically, you'll need to increase the Icon Energy.png Energy bar to half or above by performing completed attacks on foes. Once you've brought your Enemy to critical health you can perform a "finishing move" by pressing E which will remove the selected body part, and if you're lucky cleanly remove the given Gear item. If you haven't yet unlocked the piece, you'll receive the Schematic, otherwise you'll get Broken Parts, which when you visit the Gear Assembly will convert into Components.

Tech Scrap[edit | edit source]

Image Tech Scrap.png
The further you delve into CREO and the longer you survive, the more Tech Scrap you’ll gain from defeating Enemies and Bosses. Like in other hardcore games, your scrap multiplier will continue to increase as you collect and as you venture farther from the MedBay. Die, and the metal scrap farmed to that point will be dropped where you fall. You will have to fight your way back to regain it, or lose that pile forever if you die before picking it up. If you visit the MedBay you'll lose your multiplier, but you'll be able to do a few things with it. In Ops center, use your horded collection to upgrade your Rig and increase its Icon CPC.png Core Power (your Exo-Suit level), which will allow you to use more and stronger implants, or you can use the scrap as base material for Crafting Schematics, or upgrade your current Armor and Weapons.

Components[edit | edit source]

Icon Components.png
For each of the Crafting items you wish to create at the Gear Assembly you'll need to have the proper Components requirements to build. You'll be able to find broken gear of random drops of them off the Enemies you've previously taken out. Using the Gear Assembly will automatically disassemble your collected broken gear into their given Components. Each of the Components have a corresponding unit, for example the Cortical Processor Mk. I will always build towards the basic level of specific head Gear, Force Regulator Mk. I towards arm Gear, the Rig Armature Mk. I to body Gear, and lastly the Tungsten Alloy Mk. I applies to the Weapon you wish to craft. Note that you'll need to collect a higher Mk. level of components to level up your Gear (Mk. II, Mk. III and Mk. VI) which drops from later Enemies.

List Of Crafting[edit | edit source]