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Various Hints throughout The Surge.

List Of Hints[edit | edit source]

  • Critcal Hit - Target the enemy and get behind him, you will see the Target Lock turn yellow , thats when you press R1(horizontal attack) to Tackle them and then R1 or R2 to critical hit them. i think it only works vs humans.
  • General Gameplay - Some objects can be destroyed by hitting them.
  • Basic Combat - Every attack consumes Stamina, so watch your stamina meter.
  • Basic Combat - Energy is required to finish Enemies using A
  • Advanced Combat - Every boss awards loot when defeated, but enhanced versions of their loot will be awarded for killing them in special ways.
  • Advanced Combat - Horizontal and vertical attacks can be chained. Try mixing horizontal and vertical attacks for different results.
  • History - 2064 - The grand opening of CREO's headquarters in which you're currently standing. Consolidating CREO's manufacturing capacity onm the Eastern Seaboard has given us an unprecedented access to work force and materials.
  • Broken Parts - Using the Gear Assembly will disassemble broken Gear into Components.