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Implants are one of the Crafting items in The Surge.

Description[edit | edit source]

Icon Hardwired Implant.png
Icon Hot Swap Implant.png

Implants are special items that can be put into the corresponding implant slots of your Exo-Rig. Each implant consumes a portion of your total Icon CPC.png Core Power, and grants special effects or new abilities. Hardwired implants can only be equipped at the MedBay, but Hot Swap implants can be equipped and unequipped in the field.

Implants can be found usually in places along the ground, sometimes in harder to reach spaces, that can be accessed as you reach further progression on a given level. Multiple implants of the same can be recycled or "Deleted" for additional Tech Scrap.

List Of Implants[edit | edit source]

The Surge[edit | edit source]

Icon Implant Type Icon CPC.png CPC Icon Tech Scrap Large.png Tech Icon Energy.png Energy Icon HP.png Health Icon Stamina.png Stamina Notes
Adrenaline Shunt V.1 Injectables 5 Energy Consumption: 20
Aggression Amplifier v.1 Hardwired 1 Health Restored: +10%
Aggression Amplifier v.2 Hardwired 2 Health Restored: +20%
Ancillary Core Hot Swap
Ancillary Core XL Hot Swap
Auto-Aid v.2 Hardwired 2 Health Restored: 3/s
Auto-Aid v.4 Hardwired 5 Health Restored: 7/s
Blue X-Cables Hot Swap 1 Energy Consumption: -10%
Concussive Array v.3 Hot Swap 4 Increases impact when energy is high.
Energized Power Cell v.2 Injectables 2 Energy Consumption: 12 Elemental Damage: +15
Energized Power Cell v.3 Injectables 3 Energy Consumption: 12 Elemental Damage: +20
Kinasthetic Amplifier v.1 Hot Swap 3 Single-Rigged +2
Twin-Rigged +2
Kinasthetic Amplifier v.3 Hot Swap 5 Single-Rigged +4
Twin-Rigged +4
Medi-Voltaic Injection v.1 Injectables 4 Energy Consumption: 20 Health Restored: 30
Medi-Voltaic Injection v.3 Injectables 8 Energy Consumption: 24 Health Restored: 50
Medi-Voltaic Injection v.5 Injectables 12 Energy Consumption: 28 Health Restored: 100
Medical Audit Hot Swap 0
Modaxinol Injector Injectables 3 Energy Consumption: 28 Health Restored: -5/s
Omni-Audit Hot Swap 0 Displays health bar and stability bar of enemies.
Orientation Implant Hardwired 0 Energy Gain: +100%
Plasmic Regenerator v.1 Injectables 2 Health Restored: 3/s
Plasmic Regenerator v.3 Injectables 4 Health Restored: 6/s
Plasmic Regenerator v.5 Injectables 6 Health Restored: 12/s
Pneumatic Calibrator v.2 Hot Swap 1 Stamina Consumption: -15%
Pneumatic Calibrator v.4 Hot Swap 3 Stamina Consumption: -25%
Proximity Sensor Hot Swap 0
Reclamation Buddy v.1 Hot Swap 2 Tech Scrap Gain: +10%
Reclamation Buddy v.2 Hot Swap 3 Tech Scrap Gain: +20%
Reclamation Buddy v.4 Hot Swap 5 Tech Scrap Gain: +40%
Red X-Cables Hot Swap 2 Energy Consumption: -15%
Rig Capacitor Hot Swap 1 Minimum Energy: 20%
Rig Capacitor XL Hot Swap 2 Minimum Energy: 30%
SNS Disinhibitor v.3 Hardwired 2 Energy Gain: +50% Stamina Regeneration: +50%
SNS Disinhibitor v.4 Hardwired 3 Energy Gain: +100% Stamina Regeneration: +100%
Sustaining Array v.1 Hot Swap 1 Energy Decay -25%
Sustaining Array v.2 Hot Swap 2 Energy Decay -50%
Toxic Autofilter Hot Swap 2
Vanadium E-Cell v.1 Hardwired 0 Energy: +7(4-12)
Vanadium E-Cell v.3 Hardwired 2 Energy: +20(10-14)
Vanadium E-Cell v.5 Hardwired 3 Energy: +45(16-18)
Vital Boost v.1 Hardwired 3 Health: +18(10-30)
Vital Boost v.3 Hardwired 4 Health: +20(20-60)
Vital Boost v.5 Hardwired 7 Health: +67(35-100)
Vital Boost XL v.2 Hardwired 6 Health: +45(25-85)
Vital Injection v.1 Injectables 3 Health Restored: 80
Vital Injection v.3 Injectables 6 Health Restored: 160
Voltaic Dynamo v.1 Hot Swap 2 Energy Gain: +20%
Voltaic Dynamo v.2 Hot Swap 3 Energy Gain: +30%

The Surge 2[edit | edit source]

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