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The Rig is one of the Armor Components in The Surge. The Rig is powered by its core. Icon CPC.png Core Power is increased by leveling up and determines how many Gear parts and Implants can be equipped.

Description[edit | edit source]

As an employee of CREO, you are fitted with an Exo-Suit intended for industrial work inside the CREO complex. This base rig can be enhanced with light, medium, or heavy attachments, allowing you to specialize into your chosen playstyle. Granted super-human strength, you are able to wield huge Weapons and inflict massive damage onto your Enemies, as well as survive dangerous environmental hazards such as toxic spills. Alongside the exo-rig, you are fitted with a cognitive interface between your brain and the exo-suit, powering Implants looted from enemies and the game world. Your Rig has a limited power output, so it’ll be up to you to balance the benefits and downsides of each implant against the power requirements of your suit upgrades and equipment.

List Of Rigs[edit | edit source]