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The Tech Scrap in The Surge. In The Surge, killing enemies earns you Tech Scrap, which you can use in any Ops center to level up your Exo-Rig's Core Power.

Description[edit | edit source]

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The further you delve into CREO and the longer you survive, the more Tech Scrap (XP) you’ll gain from defeating Enemies and Bosses. Die, and the metal scrap farmed to that point will be dropped where you fall. You will have to fight your way back to regain it, or lose it forever. In operations, you can use that tech scrap to either upgrade your Exo-Rig and increase its power-output (level), allowing you to use more and stronger implants, or use the scrap as base material to Craft and upgrade Armor and Weapons. You will also naturally increase your efficiency with the various weapon types by using them in Combat. Over time, it will improve your affinity with them, consequently increasing the amount of damage you inflict and letting you take on far more fearsome enemies and bosses.