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The following is a list of Weapons in The Surge and The Surge 2.

Enhance your exo-suit with near-endless combinations of Weapons, each with their own move sets as you slice your way through steel and flesh to Loot, Craft, and improve your rig.

Weapon Proficiency[edit | edit source]

As you use a weapon, you'll level up different Proficiency levels which will give you access to harder hits and faster movements. Each of the weapons have a type of proficiency that you can skill by using the weapon over time.

List Of Weapons[edit | edit source]

The Surge[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Weapon Proficiencies Impact Attack Speed Energy Gain Proficiency Scaling Base Damage
Heavy-duty Weapons
Bloodhound Heavy-duty Very High Low +65% Medium 31
Codename: Goetterdaemmerung Heavy-duty High Low +55% Very High 30
ENDAS RS3 'Titan' Heavy-duty Very High Low +80% Very Low 33
Equalizer Heavy-duty High Low +65% Low 32
MG Judge Heavy-duty High Low +55% Very High 58
MG Judge v2.0 Heavy-duty High Low +55% Very High 106
Single-rigged Weapons
ASTir SpectreBite Single-rigged High Low +55% Low 31
Fractal Reaver Single-rigged High Low +45% Very High 56
KLINGE Power Grip Single-rigged High Low +70% Very Low 40
MG Legionnaire Single-rigged High Low +70% High 48
P.A.X Imperator Single-rigged High Low +70% High 52
P.A.X Imperator v2.0 Single-rigged High Low +70% High 57
Volatile Spectre Single-rigged High Low +45% Medium 36
One-handed Weapons
ASTir Vibro-Cutter One-handed Medium Medium +30% Medium 20
Codename: Parsifal One-handed Medium Medium +45% Medium 19
Codename: Parsifal v2.0 One-handed Medium Medium +45% High 21
Fenris A-7 One-handed Low Medium +20% Low 20
MG Centurion One-handed Medium Medium +20% Very High 20
Mimetic Edge One-handed Medium Medium +20% Very High 131
Reclaimed Piston One-handed Medium Medium +40% Very Low 18
Twin-rigged Weapons
Claws Of The Gestalt Twin-rigged Medium High +20% Very High 100
Corroded Butterfly Twin-rigged Very Low High +15% Low 13
CREO IP-75 "Inducer" Twin-rigged Very Low High +5% Medium 15
Firebug Throttle Twin-rigged Low High +5% High 22
Metamorphing Talons Twin-rigged Low High - Very High 16
YOSUKE Butterfly Twin-rigged Low High +10% Very Low 13
Staff Weapons
Codename: Carmina Staff Medium Medium +20% Very High 19
MG Negotiator Staff Low Medium +10% Medium 21
Peacekeeper Staff Medium Medium +10% High 20
Reinforced Pipe Staff Medium Medium +30% Very Low 19
SERU HSS BioMaster Staff Medium Medium +25% Low 21
Spitfire Rod Staff Medium Medium +25% High 36
Spitfire Rod v2.0 Staff Medium Medium +25% High 56

The Surge 2[edit | edit source]

Weapon Name Weapon Proficiencies Impact Attack Speed Energy Gain Proficiency Scaling Base Damage
A.I.D. 'Warhound'
A.I.D. Type-11 'Overseer'
A.I.D. Type-4 'Authority' Mk. I Hammer 22 95% 40% 98
ASTir Plasma Augur Mk. I Single-rigged 22 90% 70% 96
Bootleg Firestarter Mk. 0 Single-rigged 24 100% 80% 72
Bootleg Splitcleaver Mk. I Double-Duty 16 100% 45% 93
Brother Truman’s Faith Mk. I Spear 12 90% 10% 98
Carbide Cablewhip
Codename: Elise
Codename: Engelhart
 (Public Enemy DLC)
Codename: Gotterdammerung
Codename: Lohengrin
Codename: Moonlight
Codename: Parsifal
Codename: Siegfried
 (NG+ only)
Codename: Valkyrie
Corroded Butterfly
Crystalline Hookblade
Darkened Dragoon Mk. I Spear 12 95% 30% 86
Defragged Scorcher
Defragged Splitcleaver
Empty INF-Labs Chassis Mk. 0 One-handed 17 100% 35% 78
ENDAS RS3 ‘Titan’
Engine From Hell
 (EFH) (Future Shock Weapon Pack)
Equalizer Mk. 0 Heavy-Duty 24 95% 70% 80
Experiment 44H 'Dark Star'
Fanatical Excruciator
Firebug Throttle
 (mutually exclusive)
Fractal Reaver
Fractal Skullcrusher
GAIA Lancer
General's A.C.U.
General's A.C.U. V2.0
 (hardmode boss)
Golden Harvest
 (Future Shock Weapon Pack)
Golden Twin Blades
 (Future Shock Weapon Pack)
Greatblade of the Archangel
Greatblade of the Archangel V2.0
 (hardmode boss)
H.A.R.O.L.D.'s Holographic Tailblade
Helix of the Delver
Helix of the Delver V2.0
 (hardmode boss)
HL-1 Defibrillators Mk. 0 Twin-rigged 12 100% 0% 64
IA-35 ‘Gemini’ Mk. I Punching Gloves 12 90% 35% 98
IA-37 'Gemini Heavy'
Icon of the Spark
Icon of the Spark V2.0
 (hardmode boss)
INF-Labs 'Vechni'
INF-Labs ‘Zazhim’
Infected 'Aeterna'
Infected 'Rainfall'
Infected 'Vechni'
Infected Plasma Augur
Infected Slashbrand
Infected Tasergrips
Infected Type-4 ‘Authority’
JAG-22 ‘Aeterna’
JAG-27 ‘Rainfall’
JAG-9 ‘Longfang’
JCPD Tasergrips
Justice of the Iron Maus
KLINGE Velo-Saw Ultra Mk. I One-handed 19 90% 40% 99
Little Johnny's Forceps Mk. I Twin-rigged 14 95% 45% 99
Little Johnny's Forceps V2.0 Mk. III
 (hardmode boss)
Twin-rigged 14 96% 50% 127
Living Jawbone
Mangled Articulators
 (Future Shock Weapon Pack)
Metamorphing Talons Mk. I Twin-rigged 12 110% 35% 87
MG Jackknife Pro Mk. 0 Single-rigged 28 95% 100% 82
MG Negotiator Mk. I Staff 15 105% 35% 80
MG Strigil
Mimetic Edge
Mimetic Quickblade
Nanite Beastclaw
Nano-Barbed Impaler
Parting Gift
Pillar of Oblivion
Protest Sign
Punishing Slashbrand Mk. I Double-Duty 18 108% 60% 86
Reaper’s Testament
Reinforced Crusher
Reinforced Gouger
S&R Falcon
 (mutually exclusive)
S&R Jackdaw Mk. 0 Twin-rigged 12 100% 40% 83
S&R Kingfisher
 (mutually exclusive)
Salvaged Crusher Mk. I Heavy-Duty 26 90% 90% 100
Salvaged Gouger Mk. 0 Spear 9 105% 25% 79
SERU Biomaster
Spark Engineer’s Multitool Mk. I Hammer 18 110% 40% 90
Strongarm Twin Blade
 (Public Enemy DLC)
Superheated Firestarter
Totem Wolf Tomahawk
Twinlance of Corruption
Twitching Riptalons
URBN Judgement Axe
 (URBN DLC exclusive)
Vibrating Quickscythe Mk. I Staff 15 110% 35% 89
Volatile Spectre
Warhammer of Forced Conversion Mk. I Hammer 22 95% 65% 103
Warren's Redemption
 (mutually exclusive)
Warren's Redemption V2.0
 (mutually exclusive)
Warren's Well-Used Cutter